Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We're wobbling!

We had a really good Thanksgiving. We ate so much we're still wobbling!!! We went to my mom's this year for dinner. We missed my dad, it was weird counting out twelve place settings instead of thirteen. It wasn't any harder of a day than any other we just miss him all the time.

Our family.

Thanksgiving isn't any fun with out a little PS3. Call of duty for the boys.

Zac's a pretty good shot. He hit the bulls eye like 3 or 4 times! We went to the ranch a couple times. On Thursday I drug everyone up to take family pictures and then on Saturday we went back to shoot guns and take mom. We only went to the bottom of the hill but it was still lovely weather and really nice to get up there. Next summer for sure we'll spend more time up there.

Ohhh... Gun stories!!! This was my favorite picture of the whole holiday:)

Morgan and Zac rolling a tire down the hill. It's amazing what will entertain boys:)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Halloween Lunch

For as long as I can remember the elementary lunch has a contest at Halloween time to guess what's for lunch. They name everything a gross name. Like sometimes witches brew is soup. Anyway this year Zachary won first place in the entire school. He got every one right! I find this rather amusing because he doesn't eat school lunch, he takes his own. I can see how he was good at it because that's probably what he thinks of food anyway since he's a choosy (not picky) eater.

His prize was this adorable pumpkin:) Way to go kiddo!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Little Hunters

Last month I went shopping with my mom and Jared had the kids, it happened to be during the deer hunt. Jared didn't have a tag but his brother and some of his family did. So Jared decided to tag a long for the ride. The kids didn't have any orange so my very CRAFTY... yes I said crafty husband got some of his old orange work shirts out of the closet and made them some hunting shirts. No kidding!!! This man is hilarious! He cut some length off the bottom, cut down the sides, turned them inside out and sewed up the sides with my sewing machine. He broke the number one rule in the house and touched my sewing machine. I was so flabbergasted at his creativity I instantly forgave him :)

Aren't they cute. The girls informed me what happened the minute I got home. They also told me they were hunters now and when they get bigger they can have a B B GUN;) I love it! I'm glad they had so much fun!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We had a really good Halloween this year.

We carved our pumpkins and the kids thought it was really gross. So Jared and I did all the messy work)

~Their masterpieces~

Zachary's pumpkin is Harry Potter!

Keira was not happy about all the picture taking.

One cute smile out of Zoe. She wanted her pumpkin to be a princess and I sure didn't make it look that way. Bat girl maybe ;)

My two little princesses!

We went and watched Zac in the parade. Jared was even able to come watch this year.


Harry Potter

And a very upset Snow White. Or if you ask her it's Snow Wipe!!!!

I've decided I do not have very co operative posers! But they're mine and I think they're pretty cute. We hope you all had a very safe and happy Halloween!


Jared received the priesthood this weekend. His dad was able to come down and perform the ordinance for him. He's taking big steps and we're proud of him!