Sunday, September 30, 2012


My babies started pre-school this year.  I can not believe they are old enough.  I thought I would be lost with out them and guess what I'm not!  I know I'm terrible, but for three hours twice a week I have complete alone time!!!!!  The first day they went I picked up the toy room and you would have thought a miracle had happened.  All day long that's all they could talk about!  Not just the girls but Zac and Jared too!!!  Aparantly that room is always a mess ;)  But seriously it has been so much fun for them.  They go to Miss Suzie and they just love her and they've made new friends and it's good for them and me :)

Zoe was a little bit nervous the first day.

And Keira could not wait to leave!

Wow they are growing up to fast!!

Third Grade

Holy Crap I can't believe Zachary started third grade this year!  Time is just flying by.  Zachary is really loving third grade and the challenge of a new school year.

Fair Parade

This year my aunt and cousin invited the kids to ride on their family float for the Kane County Fair parade.
The theme was "Country Days..Country Way"  or something like that.  It was like a lemonaide/hot dog stand.  It ws so stinkin' cute as always.

Zoe and Keira were "twin pops"

Zachary was a bucket of Popcorn.

Their creativity is endless and we always look forward to seeing what they come up with each parade.  Thank you guys so much for inviting the kids to be a part of this, they are still talking about how much fun it was to be on the float and get dressed up!

Porter Reunion

This year we started a new tradition the Porter reunion.  Hopefully we can get everyone there next year.  It was really fun and eventful!  We went to Tropic to camp.  When we all get together with Jared's brothers and his Uncle Bob's family there is plenty of food, fun and laughs.

Awww.. see I have proof that the doublets love each other!

A little target practice.  We forgot Zac's BB gun but someone was nice enough to let him have a turn.

The Burrows brothers!!!  All I can say is TROUBLE!!!!!

Jared had a little studying to do while we were there.

Aunt DaNae was so smart and brought coloring books and paints. The little kids sat at the table for hours at a time painting.  It was heaven ;)

My mighty fishermen.  Let me just say fishing is really not our thing.  A lack of patience if you know what I mean!

While we were there the boys built a jump for their bikes in the wash.  Well BoDee my nephew crashed and pegged a hole in his leg and had to make a little trip to the ER one night.  Well after they got home that weekend his leg got really infected and he had to spend some time in the hospital.  It was scary but he's all better now.  Hopefully next year won't be so eventful for his parents :)  Any way we had tons of fun and hope everyone can make it next year.

Aladdin at the Tuachan

After the Burrows reunion Granpa and Grandma Burrows and Aunt Amanda spent the following week in St.George and they invitied everyone to the Tuachan to see Aladdin.  It was really fun and the kids had a blast.  Zoe was in heaven with all the pretty princess girls.  And Jasmine flew right over her head on the magic carpet.  I was surprised the girls stayed awake the entire night but the did.  Zoe was so tired she about fell asleep walking to the car, once she was buckled in she was out cold.  Good memories ;)

Keira, Zac, Zoe and Jared

We loved the glasses!!!

Cheese Keira

Beautiful Zoe!

Burrows Reunion

In July we went to our annual Burrows Reunion.  We had a blast.  It was held at Deer Creek Reservoir again.  Uncle Al brought his boat again and this year the girls and I decided we were brave enough to ride the tube.  It was so fun.  Keira kept saying "faster, faster I want to go FASTER"  Al said it sounded like a couple of squeelie mice! The kids and Jared swam all day and just as we were getting out a big thunderstorm hit so we were very glad it waited until we were done ;)

Zoe excited to get in the water.

Jared said it was a little cold getting in.

Peace Zachary

I told the kids to get together and smile for me and this is what I got!

Grandpa John, me and the little squeelie mice ;)

smiles all around and we can not wait for next year!!

Fish Lessons

Well I've gotten really behind in my blogging so I guess it's time to catch up ;)
The girls had their first swimming lessons this summer. They did awesome.  Zoe is a little fish and swims like a champ.  Keira is coming along, she'll go under and all she just doesn't kick.  They both did really well and had a blast.
Keira swimming to Kenzie.

Chop, chop T I M B E R!!!!!

Zoe swims back to the step.