Thursday, November 11, 2010

What the Heck!!!

Well I've needed to vent about something and I figure what better place to do it than my blog. Then maybe I can get it out of my system and move on. So a week or so a go my Dad was talking to his oldest brother on the phone and he tells my Dad that he needs to take time away from the family and go visit him in Kingman! Seriously!!!!!!! The man is dying and he should leave his wife and children and grandchildren to go to KINGMAN ARIZONA?????? Stupid, stupid man. O.K I feel a little better. Of course my Dad said no! Now hopefully I'm past this and can move on to something else that pisses me off. Thanks

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat- Smell my Feet ;)

I can't believe Halloween has come and gone already. Where the heck has the year gone?
We had a very fun Halloween this year. We started out on Friday by going to the elementary Halloween parade. There were so many cute creative costumes this year, not so many icky ones. My favorite by far was my Aunts, she is Zachary's teacher and she is a hoot! We just love this martian mama:) She is soon to be a Grandma and she is going to have the luckiest little granddaughter cause she is so fun.

Zachary wasn't so nervous this year and I think he really enjoyed himself. Hopefully next year he'll want to be something other than a Star Wars character. The night before he decided last minute he needed a cape. So we headed downstairs and rooted through the material and made him a cape. Thank goodness for Mom's craft room!

We had fun carving pumpkins. The girls didn't want anything to do with the guts. Typical girls!
I thought Jared was gonna be around but he had to leave last minute, of course. Maybe next year.

This year I was brave and trusted Zachary with a knife to carve his all by himself. He did so good and didn't even cut himself.

Viola!!!!!! Pretty cute if I say so myself:)

Keira was Tinkerbell and Zoe was Rosetta.

All ready for Trick or Treating.

Zachary was Jango Fett but later modified it to a Star Wars Jedi Warrior! He's a little indecisive like his father, if ya know what I mean ;)

Keira wanted to be Tinkerbell but I think she kept saying that because her nickname is Tinkerbell! She was cute. When we started she just wanted to ride in the wagon, so I dragged her up Kelsey's driveway screaming. Once she realized what we were doing I could not catch her all night. She just kept running saying which house next Mama! And "don't hold my hand I'll do it myself, you are not my boss!" It's a good thing I'm a patient person.

Zoe is just a little feather weight so she got cold about a block away and I ended up carrying her and sending Jared back for the car. She had fun getting candy because she lovvvvves chocolate.

Heading to Grandma's for candy!

Do any of you have a booger picker? Well we do and I think she does it to annoy me!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!