Friday, May 13, 2011

Catching Up!


Easter was a little crazy this year. Jared's family came out and went camping so we spent a little time with them. And on Saturday I took my mom to Vegas to pick up Morgan and four other kids from the airport. They had been back east on the American Heritage tour. Then on Sunday after church we went back out and had lunch with Jared's family. The kids had lots of fun playing and of course the bunny found them.

Zachary and Zoe had to bounce Keira's new ball on her to get her to wake up. I guess she just had to much fun the day before.

Zachary was so excited to get his picture taken. Goof Ball!!!

The girls played in the dirt with their buckets for hours.


We had some really pretty daffodils growing in the front flower beds this spring so we decided one day to clip a few and take them to Grandpa's grave. It was the first time the girls had been and I thought it would help them understand a little better. They are so confused right now and are very sad because they miss him so much. It's so hard to deal with your own grief and even harder to see your children suffer. Life just doesn't make sense sometimes.

Grandma shows them the way

Grandma helps tuck the flowers in so they don't blow away.

So this is the funniest picture. After they put their flowers down they both bunny hopped right over the top of Grandpa's dirt. Some may say this is disrespectful but Grandpa used to let them jump on him. And I don't mean jump up and down on him, he used to let them stand on the arm of his chair and jump into his arms and kind of land on his belly. Well after he got sick we told them they couldn't do that anymore because they would hurt him. A couple days later Keira told everyone "Grandpa's not a trampoline!" So we think this is their friendly hello to their Grandpa:)


We've tried to enjoy the nice weather every chance we get. One day the fairies even came out to play!

Zac enjoyed chasing the girls around the backyard.

Keira kept having problems with her antenna's!

Zoe was in heaven playing with her wings:)


Last winter Jared built a shed out back. And this spring he piped electricity to it. He had a lot of really good helpers.

Zoe knew exactly what to do to put the pipe together. We thought this was a little odd for our princess. But she loved it.

Keira has to do what Zoe does!