Monday, October 18, 2010

We Can't Wait!!!

We love Halloween! I think it's our most favorite holiday. Probably because it's the start of the best holidays, and of course everyone's birthdays! Are you all excited for it too?
This is not their costumes. Just fun October clothes :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We Can't Hear You:)

Sometimes I feel like they are just not listening!!!! It's a really good thing they're cute:)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thank You

Thank you seems like such an inadequate word when trying to say what is in our hearts, but it is a start. To the many people who were involved with the Hoyt Family Benifit Day, we wish to express our deep felt gratitude.

To all who planned the event, those who participated, the many who donated items and those who purchased, we send a grateful thank you.

Family, friends and community, please know that as we begin our journey, you have shown us we are not alone, but supported every step by your love and compassion. It is felt deeply and is so greatly appreciated. Our humble thanks and love we give to each of you.

Jan and Lorie Hoyt Family

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hoyt's Heavenly Hideout

We went to the ranch this last Saturday, but we didn't camp. Mom was afraid it would have been to much for dad. So we went up and had a cook out. I forgot how pretty and peaceful it is up there. I always come home with tons of pictures so BEWARE of lots of pictures!!!!

The view is spectacular. We can see everywhere!

This was the first time the girls had ever been to the ranch. They loved it:)

This little stinker would not smile for me. She was too busy.

And Zac was tired of the camera before everyone else even got there.

But Zoe has never been afraid of the camera. Can you say CUTE:)

I told Morgan the higher he put the rope the farther down he was gonna fall.

Moment of truth.......

Dang it! I really wanted him to fall on his butt:)

Grandma and her bird watchers!

Keira finally gave me the cutest smile's while she was in the hammock.

This is my Dad's place. It always has been. It's sad to know he didn't get to do many of the things he wanted to up there. Hopefully we can do them. His dream is still alive!

Zachary was not so much help!

Our mighty dutch oven cookers. Can you say Bull Shit session:)

Morgan can not turn down a homemade pickle. We had the jar gone before dinner. Next time I'll take three jars.

Zachary loves to just sit and look through the binoculars. There is so much to see up there. And now I think I have an idea for a Christmas present;)

Jordan and Zac were hilarious to watch. They were bird hunting. Partners in Crime!

Jared H. just had to have fire. We were worried he would start the place on fire.

Relaxing with Dalton in the hammock.

Work it Baby! Jared looks so cute with that pink b.b gun!

The girls didn't get a nap that afternoon. So of course they fell asleep on the way home. I couldn't believe they fell asleep coming down off the hill, it's really bumpy. I had to hold there heads together so they wouldn't bonk them. They were exhausted, but I figure that's a sign of a good time.

We decided not to let so much time go by before we go up again. Hopefully we can get my Dad back up there again. We've learned to MAKE TIME for things like this. It's so important to be with family because you never know when someones time to go is. We made even more memories. We will cherish them!