Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A good Imagination!

My cousin Jill told me a while back she loves to have Zachary come and play because he has such a good imagination! Then we got thinking back on the fun things we would come up with as kids and I realized how thankful I am that my kiddo's do have imaginations. Sometimes we have to tell Zachary to come down from "la, la land!" They play hard and can pretty much entertain themselves. They entertain me often too:)

This is Zachary with his thomas trains when he was three. In vegas our backyard was fenced and I would open the sliding door and let Zac have all the freedom of the back yard! Sometimes I would just sit and listen to him play. Sometimes I had an active role in his game. I sure do miss that yard!

This was just today. I believe he was being a storm trouper from star wars! I'm sure the neighbors got a kick out of it! I sure did:)

I can tell the girls are following in Zachary's footsteps. I often find them dressed up in lots of garb. Zoe the other day was singing " I'm a princess, I'm a princess!" She's got that right.

And I don't have to wonder where they get it from. Jared's always good for a laugh! One of the many reasons I love him ;)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hoppy Easter!

We had a fun Easter and Spring Break. The Easter Bunny found the kids and they were pretty excited about all their loot. Zac got a couple new games for his DS which kept him entertained most of the weekend. Keira got a Dora Doll and a Ball:) and Zoe got a Strawberry Shortcake Doll and a Ball also :) The weather was not warm but not so cold we couldn't get outside to play. All in all it was a fun weekend. Now we're really wishing for SUMMER!!!!

We Colored Eggs
We colored our eggs, but have not rolled them yet. We ran out of time on Sunday and the weather Monday has been less than enjoyable.

Easter Hunt.
Every year Grandma Vickie sets up an egg hunt. Only they never find eggs, it's just a bunch of candy and treats. The kids have a blast. And it's fun for us adults to watch the kiddies get their buckets as full as they can.

These two had no problem filling their buckets.

Zac found lots of bags of microwave popcorn. Grandma was thinking of him:)

Uncle Brandon has a new best friend, that thought Zoe wanted to play. She didn't. I thought it was rather funny.

Hmmm... what's this?

Easter Dresses

The girls dresses turned out okay this year. The button holes were giving me hell. But the end result was cute.

Zoe needs to work on her modeling.

Keira was a little upset with me at the moment and was not in the mood to take pictures:)

The bustle in the back was really cute when they wiggled their bums!

We hope you all had a fun safe Easter :)