Monday, January 25, 2010

Woo Hoo TWO!!!!!


Today is Keira and Zoe's second birthday! I can't believe they are already two. Time just goes by too fast. I try not to think about everything we've been through with these two, but on their birthday it's hard not too. I'm so thankful we're not having to feed them bottles anymore, I'm glad I don't have to spend the majority of the day on the floor, and I'm very happy they both sleep through the night (for the most part!! ) Now if I can only get rid of the binkies and get them potty trained!!! I am so thankful for these two sweethearts. Life is just sweeter with them. I hope they have a great day.

These were taken the day after they were born.

These are from their first birthday.

And on Saturday we celebrated their second birthday! It was a fun party. We had lunch and just let the kids play. The girls loved all of the room to just run and play (at the elementary). They got lots of fun toys, clothes and things to ride on. (we're looking forward to spring!) Happy Birthday my little girlies!!!!! We love you!

Giving each other hugs.

And at the end of the day they peacefully crashed on the living room floor.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Today is my little brothers sixteenth birthday! Which makes me feel kind-of old! He is such a great kid. I told Jared how nice it is to be home so we can enjoy Mo's teenage years. I would get so stinkin' jealous of Jared and Traci when we lived in Las Vegas because they got to go to all the baseball/basketball games and get to take him with them everywhere, now we get to enjoy it! And believe me I have loved it. I try to make it to his home ball games. Jared comes home and watches the kids so I can (hopefully by the time he's a senior the kids will be better so we can go as a family and watch). Anyway Morgan you have always been such a blessing to our family. You are a hard worker, you're funny, you tolerate Zachary, you adore my girls and you humor your much older sister. Nobody has a better little brother. We love you and hope you enjoy your birthday!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Three years ago...

It was three years ago this month that I took that big huge leap and went to the Fertility Center of Las Vegas for some major help. We had been trying to have another baby for three years and we were beyond frustrated. I went to their free seminar on January 10th and it was a whirlwind from that moment on. This is what my schedule was

Jan 10-consultation with Dr. D
Jan 29- physical
Jan 31-ultrasound
Feb 2-cycle day 3 labs (blood work)
Feb 5- Jared Dr.
Feb 6- Jared's labs
My Hysterosalpingogram (which hurt very badly...)
Feb 7- Jared analysis
appointment with my OBGYN
Feb 8- My labs
Feb 16- Follow up consultation. He told us what was wrong and what our options were!
Feb 19- Follow up with my OBGYN
Feb 20- more blood work
Feb 23- consultation with the billing department$$$$$$$$$ This is where we decided to do IVF(invitro fertilization)
Feb 28- cycle day 3 labs.
March 13- blood
March 30- trial transfer and blood
April 7- group injection class ( this was a little nerve racking!)
April 12-ultrasound
April 14- ultrasound and blood
April 16- blood
April 20- blood
April 21- started ganirelex injection
April 22- ultrasound and blood
April 24- ultrasound and blood
April 26- ultrasound and blood. I took my trigger injection at 11:15 pm (this releases the eggs)
April 27- pre-op
April 28- retrieval!!!! I felt like a chicken. They retrieved 19 eggs! Which is awesome.
Fifteen of our eggs fertilized correctly, however because my lining was to thick we had to freeze and get that taken care of before they could put some back in. more waiting..........
May 11- blood
May 15- blood
May 16- started lupron injection
May 25- baseline ultrasound
May 27- ultrasound
May 29-blood
June 1- ultrasound
June 6- ultrasound
June 9- blood
June 13- TRANSFER eggs went back in (two of them!)

after that I had three days of bed rest (not as fun as I thought it would be) Where I could get up every hour for about 5 minutes! Long enough to pee!!!

June 18- blood
June 20- blood
June 23- Pregnancy test POSITIVE!!!!!!!
June 25- blood
June 27- blood

June 29 blood and ultrasound and this is when my doctor came in and said " Here is baby A and here is baby B!!!!!" He patted my leg winked at me and left the room. I was so excited and so worried.

Any way for the next ten weeks it was more blood and ultrasounds. I continued my injections and medication until my body started to produce them on it's own. And when I was ten weeks along they released me to my own OBGYN. It was a bitter sweet day and there is not a day go by that I don't say a prayer of thanks to my fertility team, they are my family! And look many doctors later this was the result of my giant leap!

And in about eleven days my precious little fertility babies will be two!