Sunday, November 18, 2012


We had a really good Halloween this year.  We started with the annual Elementary costume parade.  The girls and I walked down to main street to see Zac. Next year the girls will be walking in it!

 We carved pumpkins.

Keira was brave this year and helped scoop hers out

She chose a scary face.

Zoe wanted a nice girlie face.

And the master carver helped Zac with a Harry Potter pumpkin! It was awesome.

Zachary was quittich Harry Potter this year.

Keira was a LaLa Loopsey pillow doll.

Zoe was Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

They had fun trick or treating and filled their bags with lots of goodies!

A parade and a new job

 The Saturday before Halloween there was a town parade and dance we participated in.  I haven't mentioned on my blog my new job I got back in April.  I'm the new Valley High School Cheer Advisor!  Let's just say I LOVE IT!!!!! It keeps me busy and the girls are outstanding (there is nine of them) We dressed up as "The Spirits of VHS"  the girls made really good spirits, a little creepy but it was fun.  I was the Buffalo and Keira wanted to try the head on.  So here is my cute little buffalo!  My little girls make pretty cute cheerleaders!

Mo's Deer

Morgan got his first buck this year.  It's not his first hunt but this is the year he got lucky.  It's a really nice buck too.  He was with Jared and Zac one morning and got it so it was fun for Zac to be there.  Hunting this year and going to all the places Dad loved to roam was hard for everyone, it reminded us how much we miss him.  I believe Dad herded this one right to Mo. I'm like that, I like to think our loved ones play a role in what happens to us here:)  But anyway the boys all had fun hunting and we were all way excited for Mo!

Preschool at the Park

In September the girls got to go to the Kanab city park for preschool that day.  I drove them over and it was so fun watching these cute kids play.  The water was on that day too so it added to all the fun!

Sunday, September 30, 2012


My babies started pre-school this year.  I can not believe they are old enough.  I thought I would be lost with out them and guess what I'm not!  I know I'm terrible, but for three hours twice a week I have complete alone time!!!!!  The first day they went I picked up the toy room and you would have thought a miracle had happened.  All day long that's all they could talk about!  Not just the girls but Zac and Jared too!!!  Aparantly that room is always a mess ;)  But seriously it has been so much fun for them.  They go to Miss Suzie and they just love her and they've made new friends and it's good for them and me :)

Zoe was a little bit nervous the first day.

And Keira could not wait to leave!

Wow they are growing up to fast!!

Third Grade

Holy Crap I can't believe Zachary started third grade this year!  Time is just flying by.  Zachary is really loving third grade and the challenge of a new school year.

Fair Parade

This year my aunt and cousin invited the kids to ride on their family float for the Kane County Fair parade.
The theme was "Country Days..Country Way"  or something like that.  It was like a lemonaide/hot dog stand.  It ws so stinkin' cute as always.

Zoe and Keira were "twin pops"

Zachary was a bucket of Popcorn.

Their creativity is endless and we always look forward to seeing what they come up with each parade.  Thank you guys so much for inviting the kids to be a part of this, they are still talking about how much fun it was to be on the float and get dressed up!