Sunday, September 30, 2012


My babies started pre-school this year.  I can not believe they are old enough.  I thought I would be lost with out them and guess what I'm not!  I know I'm terrible, but for three hours twice a week I have complete alone time!!!!!  The first day they went I picked up the toy room and you would have thought a miracle had happened.  All day long that's all they could talk about!  Not just the girls but Zac and Jared too!!!  Aparantly that room is always a mess ;)  But seriously it has been so much fun for them.  They go to Miss Suzie and they just love her and they've made new friends and it's good for them and me :)

Zoe was a little bit nervous the first day.

And Keira could not wait to leave!

Wow they are growing up to fast!!


  1. They look so big! Not an ounce of baby left in them!

  2. What cutie-patooties! Boy they grow up fast!