Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gingerbread Houses

We went to Grandma Vickie's for our annual gingerbread house party. We had a lot of fun. And Grandma made lots of yummy food.

Zac had a blast playing with BoDee and Cameron. Can you say triple trouble?

I helped Keira with her house this year. I did most of the decorating and she did a lot of eating!

Jared helped Zoe. She told him she wanted a princess house. Ummmmm ok? Notice the crown on the roof. Yes that is my creative husband! Sometimes it scares me ;)

Zac was so cute decorating his house. He had lots of fun, and was very creative too.

To say it was a full house is an understatement!

When we were done the girls went outside to see Grandma's lights. They thought her deer were the coolest. One's head moves. They were pretending to fee them with the rocks in the flower bed! Silly girls:) Thank you Grandma Vickie for all the fun!!!


This year they did a little junior jazz basketball clinic for the first and second graders. It lasted four weeks and was one day a week. It was perfect! The kids were so cute. And I can't believe the things they learned in only four weeks.

Sixteen boys. You have to have the patience of a saint to take on this group of boys:)

They made lots of shots too. They seemed so little and the basket was so high!

The girls basketball coach came and coached them for the four weeks. Zac says " he's sooo cool"

Doing some dribbling. Zac did great he never once bounced it off his toe! (Like I'm famous for doing) I was a cheerleader for a reason;)

And his favorite the "arm guard" I learned a lot too!!

Zachary's Baptism

This was a very special night for our family. Zachary was baptised by his dad. I never thought I would be able to say that. We've worked hard as a family to get to this point in our lives. Jared used his priesthood for the first time to baptise and confirm Zachary. He did an amazing job. There were not many dry eyes. I'm so proud of both my boys for making the choices they have made. I'm a lucky girl:)

Congratulations Zachary! We love you so very much.

Zachary's Birthday

I can not believe I have an eight year old! It amazes me how much this little boy of mine has grown. He is such a good kid and he brings so much joy to my life. He's my little side kick. This was a very exciting special birthday for him.

His birthday was on a Friday so he was able to celebrate and be baptised on the same day, it made it super special. He's a big harry potter fan so all of his presents from us were harry potter things. He got so many fun gifts from friends and family. We so appreciate all the love everyone has for him:)


Well I find myself playing catch up again...
It's just that crazy busy time of year again. We started out the Christmas season with two of our favorite traditions. A Christmas book every night and of course our fun elf on the shelf Fiddle Flap! Who has been into a bit of mischief this holiday season :)

Zachary got to open the first book this year. He was really glad it wasn't Fancy Nancy again. However a week later he did open the Fancy Nancy book for the second year in a row!!! He opened it and said " are you freaking kidding me?" That's starting to be a tradition too. I thought I had it arranged so one of the girls would open it. Oops:)

On December 2nd we woke up to find our elf had decorated the living room for Zachary's birthday! The kids were so excited!

And one morning we woke to find he had been eating our chocolate!