Tuesday, October 4, 2011


WOW!!! I've just got to brag. Zachary has been checking out the first Harry Potter book since Kindergarten. Each year I asked my mom why she kept letting him. She told me she thought everyone had the right to check out whatever book they wanted. It has really helped him become a very good reader. He doesn't pick a book by how many points it is, what level, or even how big or how hard it is. He just sees a book he thinks looks good and just well reads! Anyway long story longer he read the first book!!!! I'm just amazed. It's a really big book and he's only seven:) He tested on it for his AR program at school and passed and met his quarterly goal! I love that he loves to read, it makes me a happy momma:) Way to go Zachary.


Well it happened again I got older! Damn I hate it when that happens:) We had dinner at our house for my birthday. It was really nice and everyone was able to make it even my older

work-a-holic brother! It was perfect except I really miss Dad. I really wished he was here to forget it was my birthday. I do think he wished me a happy day. It's hard to explain but I had a moment where he was there with me, I really felt his presence:) Thank God for moments like that or it would be absolutely impossible to cope with the loss. Anyway...

The kids had a fun game of football. They really enjoyed the dog pile part:)

Keira thinks she's as big as everyone else. Not much slows this girlie down!

Not everyone is in love with my camera ;) Man I love him!!!!

Ty's energy level is perfect to keep up with Zoe. The kids just love him.

Dinner time. Nice Dalton!!!

Zoe patiently waits for her dinner. Thanks for making my day so great family. I would not be the person I am without each and everyone of you:) Loves...

Sprinklers in the Fall???

The other day the girls and I were out back and I got distracted and of course the girls found mischief! In the form of the sprinklers out front. I could hear them giggling and laughing and didn't really think much of it. But this is what I found. Little twerps:)

They soon realized it was getting a little cold and not really sprinkler weather!

They did have fun:)