Thursday, July 28, 2011

24th of July!

This year we got the privilege to ride on a float for the 24th because I'm in the relief society presidency. The kids had a blast and we recruited my cousin Jill and her kids to ride on it too. Because the rest of the presidency chickened out!!!!

I can't remember exactly what the theme was something about linking to our past. So we were super mom's linked through the past.

There was signs that said super chef (which was me, funny because I don't cook so much) super teacher, super cleaner. You know all the things us mom's do on a daily basis!

The kids had masks and little capes. They had fun!

All in all it was a success and we actually won 3rd prize. Not to shabby:) Thanks Jill for being such a good sport we owe you big time!!!!

Burrows Reunion

July 15-16th we went up north for the Burrows reunion. It was at Deer Springs National Park. We had so much fun. It was good to see and get to know Jareds family better. Jareds Aunt Laniece and Uncle Al have two boats they brought and pulled everyone on tubes all day. They had an inflatable raft too that was fun to paddle around in. We had so much fun and can't wait to go next year. It was also mine and Jared's anniversary so it was nice to get out of town for that. Eleven years!!!

Zac and Keira having fun throwing rocks in the lake.

Grandpa John was a great sport and paddled the kids around in the raft. At one point he had three granddaughters in with him. I wished him good luck;)

Jared and Uncle Cash. Jared's looking sexy in his mis- matched swim wear. He was a good sport getting in and swimming with the kids. I think he had a really good time.

You can tell how much fun Keira had by how dirty her shirt is! Thank goodness for Tide!

Zachary, Jared and Caitlyn ready for their adventure on the tube.

Zachary swimming and having fun.

Now that's an armful!

Getting deeper.

And a little bit colder:) This lake was awesome because it didn't get deep really fast so you could walk out really far and still touch. Plus it was really a good temperature. Not hot but not cold. Perfect!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fourth of July

We had a nice relaxing Fourth of July this year.We watched the parade and the kids had fun gathering up the candy.

Keira liked the tootsie rolls:)

Zoe would just sit and patiently unwrap her candy.

Then later in the afternoon Grandpa and Grandma Burrows and Aunt Amanda came to our house for a BBQ. It was really yummy and so fun to be able to have them over. We don't get to see them very often so we really appreciated them coming and spending the time with our family. We turned on the sprinklers and let the kids run in the water.

Sometimes Keira co-operates and I get a cute picture. And Zachary lately won't let me take any pictures of him, so there isn't any of him.

Then that night we drove out to Ruby's Inn and watched the fireworks. Which were awesome as always and for some dumb reason I didn't get any pictures.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dad's Headstone.

Dad's headstone came last month and it's perfect. It is in the wrong spot so they need to come fix that, but the headstone is beautiful. The engraved pictures are perfect. It's so nice to have his resting place properly marked. Bitter sweet.

It is a little weird to have my name on a headstone in the grave yard!

We sure do miss him.... love you daddy.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


We've been having lots of fun this summer. And I haven't been the best blogger. I got a new camera and the pictures take forever to download and I can only do one or two at a time. So I'm really behind. So I'm gonna try and play catch up the next couple day. While the girls are napping (my favorite time of the day) I'll put some of our highlights up.

We've enjoyed lots of slush parties!

Played in the sprinklers!

Spent tons of time at the pool. This is actually from Zac's swimming lessons. He has done amazing this year. I'm so proud of him. All of the kids have been little fish, except Zoe and she has informed me she is a mermaid!!

We went to Grandma Vickies for a cookout and the girls found the chickens. Zoe said "holy hell they got huge mama!"

Anyway hope everyone is having a fun summer. More to come tomorrow hopefully:)