Thursday, June 9, 2011

Coach Pitch Baseball!

This year Zachary got to play coach pitch baseball. In all honesty I was really worried about this, but he did so good. He's throwing the ball better and he did really well hitting! This year he hit right handed and threw left handed. I think this worked out a lot better for him. Crazy ambidextrous kid :) He also got to travel to Fredonia and Kanab to play which he thought was pretty cool.

He was not co-operating for a good picture. I guess I get what I get.

Hitting the ball.

He never ran very fast even though I know he can. I kept telling him to pretend he was running from me!

All the kids loved to play catch. I think it gave them a little bit of a rest. Little do they know when they get older the catcher doesn't get to rest, it's actually a very physical position to play.
Zac had fun and I'm glad it only lasts a month ;)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Memorial Weekend

Usually for the Memorial Day holiday we plan a camping trip or something like that. But this year we stayed home and focused more on what this day means. It was a little weird having it so close to when dad passed so it was a learning experience for us. We now know what to do next year. Like how to get the darned flowers to stay put when it's so windy. We also took flowers to Jared's grandparents that have passed away. It was good for the kids to hear about some great grandparents. Every time we go to the cemetery we're there forever because we have a tendency to just wander and look at all the headstones.

Grandpa loved mums so we took some to his grave. It will be so nice next month to have his headstone here. I'm very anxious to see it. It's time to have his resting place properly marked.

This was my attempt at a silhouette. I think the flag was to transparent to block the light. However not perfect I really love this picture:)

On Sunday we had a cook out in our backyard. It was FREEZING!!!! But that didn't stop us and we had a very good time. The girls had a blast as always. They're people persons.

And once again Jared cooked us a very yummy dinner. Navajo taco's this time :P

Everyone was getting mad at the camera taker so I got some real good photo's ;) Morgan did this on purpose and I think Kenz is just trying to eat! Ha, Ha love it!

And of course there was some wiggle car racing. Keira's not crying she's laughing hysterically!

I'm not sure about these two. I think Mannie was just kindly helping Mom to adjust her hood!

Uncle Darren was trying to help me get a good picture of Jared.

And of course Yoda with her prisoner! I sure do love my family:) All of them and there crazy personalities.