Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fun in Vegas

This past weekend we took the kids to Las Vegas. We had a blast. It was good to go home. (Well our second home!)

First we had to go to Toys R Us. Zachary has been working really hard to earn a trip there. He ended up with something more than we bargained for though. Jared gave in and bought him a Nintendo DS! What can I say we love spoiling that kid :) The girls got some fun Tinkerbell stuff. With lots of little parts!

We have been watching the progress on the dam for many years now so we had to drive out there to see how it's going. It is almost done. I'll bet the next time we visit we will be driving across it. It just amazes me what they can build and how fast things change down there. Even with the way the economy has been it's still growing.

The funnest thing we did was go to the Lied's Children Museum. I have no idea why we never did this before because it was awesome. I think I had more fun than the kids and that's saying a lot because they had a blast. I think we were there two or three hours. It will be one of those places we visit every time we go.

They had a fun Berenstain Bears area. WE LOVE THE BERENSTAIN BEARS!!!!! They had Teacher Janes school house, the bear cave, Mama Bears kitchen (the girls loved the kitchen) you could be in one of the movies. It was just Fun!

The girls loved it because they were free to go everywhere. They could touch everything and be as loud as they wanted. They had their squeekie shoes on which helped Jared and I keep track of them!

Of course they loved the grocery store. All three of them love to play food. Hopefully one of them will become a chef so I can hire them because I hate to cook! Hate It!

I love the look of awe on Zachary's face in the keyboard picture. He's always wondering how things work and this was the perfect place for him.

This is our typical travelers....

Zachary playing some form of hand held video game...

Keira throwing a fit about anything and everything......

and Zoe glued to the T.V.

Eventually they nap and the ride is enjoyable. It was fun and I realized how much I miss my big bad "Sin City". Until next time Las Vegas.

Monday, March 8, 2010

What is it with Two Year Olds????

Grrrr.... I don't know who I'm fooling when I think that I'm a step ahead of these little girls!
This morning while I was cleaning the bathroom it got very quiet, so I decided I better go investigate. Well Keira and Zoe were apparently bored watching Dora and decided to put on my make up. My bedroom door was locked so they got their kitchen play knife and opened it. The thing that really gets me is they picked my new mascara and my new eyeshadow to destroy.
Little S#%*S!!!!!!

They both looked like they got into a fight with each other and gave black eyes. Lets just say their technique needs some improvement and I need a better lock on my door!
The interesting thing is when Zachary was this same age he did the same thing, only it was my eye liner! Who says kids don't learn from example!!!