Thursday, June 28, 2012

Morgan's Graduation

May 30, 2012
My baby brother is growing up!  I can't believe Morgan has graduated and is going to college.
We are so proud of him and all his accomplishments.  The kid is just amazing.  It was such a bittersweet night.  He was the class Salutorian and had to give a speach.   He hasn't done a lot of public speaking and he did so good.  His speach was funny.  He told some stories of pranks their class has played on teachers and let me just say hat's off to their teachers they put up with a lot ;) 

Mom and Mo.  We were all a bit weepy.  We missed my Dad being there with us.  We used to tease Mom and Dad when Mo was born.  We joked they would be wheeled down the isle in wheel chairs they would be so old!  Never in a million years did I ever imagine Dad wouldn't be with us.  I know he was there and he is so proud of his baby boy!
Congratulations Morgan Chadrick Hoyt, we love you and are so proud of you!!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Coach Pitch Baseball

Zachary finished another season of coach pitch baseball.  He did really well this year.  They had more games this year and it went two months instead of just one.  The kids had a blast, they were on Coach Travis' team again.  He is awesome with the kids.  It's more about having fun than winning, he would tell the kids "if you've had fun you've won!" And they did have a lot of fun and they won a lot of games too ;) Good job Zachary!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Senior Trip

Jared was so nice to let me go on Mo's senior trip with him and Mom.  We went to California for four days. 
We left Orderville at 8:30 on a Monday night and traveled on the school bus to Mesquite where we got on a chartered tour bus and drove the rest of the night to California.  When we arrived we went right to Disneyland.  We had a bit of jet lag.  It's hard when your older to get any rest on a bus.  But we had fun.  The entire Burrows family is going to Disneyland next year so I checked out all the fun things for the kids to do ;)  We did ride the California Screamer at California Adventure.  We got fast passes but still had some time before we could use them so we got in line for it and rode it then when we got off we got right into the fast pass line and rode it again!  After that we were done :)

The next day we went to Sea World the Beach and a Pirate dinner show
Chace and Morgan make cute little penguins!

Typical... texting Kierra ;)

The killer whales were awesome as always.

Morgan, Mickell, Taylor Sue and Brooks.  This is such a cute fun class!

Morgan freezing after his swim in the ocean.

Riding the waves.  Belly surfing I guess you could say :)  Mom and I didn't swim we just enjoyed walking up the pier and picking up sea shells for the girls.  The kids actually swam for about 45 minutes.  It was cold but not freezing.  They were having a blast.  After the beach we went to a pirate dinner show.  I didn't get any pictures but it was so funny!  I really want to take my family to it next year.

 Who lives in a pineapple under the sea.....  Spongebob was so funny.  He was bopping around harassing people just like he does on the T.V show!

Beautiful flowers

 We were there on the opening day of Transformers the ride!! I LOVE TRANSFORMERS!!!!
They had bumblebee and optimus prime parked in front of the building, it was so cool.

It was hard to get a picture of the semi and my pictures are still doing funny things but trust me it was so cool!

We got to ride the ride 1 1/2 times!  The first time it had a bit of a malfunction so they gave us a password to ride it again.  It was 4D and I loved it!

And we got a cool picture with Bumblebee!