Friday, June 25, 2010


Well this is how I've felt this week! On Sunday our computer got a virus and it stole all my pictures :( I've lost this past years pictures! (because I procrastinated getting them developed and also getting a flash drive as a back up) Not my smartest move yet. But most of the important stuff birthdays, christmas, halloween, easter, kindergarten graduation are on my new best friend MY BlOG! Thank goodness for this small miracle. Yeah another lesson learned the hard way. Apparently that's the only way I learn. (Yes Mom you were right!) Now on to taking tonz of pictures to make up for the lost ones. DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Havin' a Good Time

We've been having lot of fun this summer already, and much more to come too. The kids have played and played and played. And at the end of the day they just crash! Usually in very unusual places. Especially Zoe as you can see in the pictures :)

They have been pirates and searched high and low for treasure!

We've had many tea parties :)

Like I mentioned before, fell asleep wherever!!!

For memorial day we hosted a very fun family cook out in our back yard. We will for sure be doing this much much more this summer. Yummy food and excellent company :)

And what is summer fun without STAR WARS BATTLES! Thank you uncle Morgan. You're the best to entertain these little monsters :)

They have pretty good moves don't they?

I had to put this on here. Morgan has to take breaks every now and again to text someone ;)

And most recently Zachary completed swimming lessons!
He did AWESOME this year. I told him this was the year he was going to take off and swim. I said he was to big for his tube and he needed to just DO IT! And he did! I'm so proud of him
way to go Zac :)

Kellin, Kelsey and Brandy are just great! The kids all love them and they are so good with them.

Zachary showed us how he can swim from the four to the four all by himself :) Kelsey told him "Zachary when your Mom comes on the last day to watch she will be so surprised she will faint!"
He got all worried and asked if I will be okay? (I think he was thinking about when I fainted on him and his Dad after I had the girls and we had to rush back to the emergency room! Not a fun memory for any of us.) So we reasured him I would be fine, just surprised he could swim so well ;)

And after swimming was over Grandma treated us to an ice cream (a much needed large coke for she and I) The girls were excited because they were feeling very left out because they wanted to swim in the pool too!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wiggle Car Races

We have these awesome wiggle cars! You sit on them and wiggle the wheel back and forth and that makes you go forward, then when you want to reverse you spin the wheel around and wiggle it again and you go back wards. They are a blast and any one can do it.
The other day my little brother Morgan was bored and came to visit, and usually with him something entertaining always comes up :) He and Zac started racing, it was so funny! They would push each other over and run things over, they even weaved around the girls. Fun was had by all.

Now every day the kids want to know if Uncle Morgan's going to come race ;)