Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas dresses....Christmas messes

We had a really fun Christmas this year.
This year I got busy and sewed Zoe and Keira Christmas dresses just like my Mom used to do for me. They turned out really cute. I used a pattern Mom gave me from a dress she had made me when I was little. I sewed jingle bells on them and they thought that was fun, because they jingled when they moved.

We went to Grandma Vickie's on Christmas Eve. The kids got to visit with Santa and we ate wayyyyyy to much food. The girls wanted nothing to do with Santa!
We attempted a picture of all the Burrows kids in their Christmas pj's. With that many little ones it's kind of hard!
Christmas morning Zachary came running in and told us Santa brought even MORE than he asked for. (opps! Bad Santa!) They were nice to us and slept until about seven o'clock. The girls were fun this year because they new more about what was going on.

Zoe is not a morning person! (just like her mommy!) So it took her a few extra minutes to wake up. The girls love their new baby dolls and strollers. And Zachary is way excited about his new star wars things and transformers.

We hope you all had a very merry Christmas and wish you a very happy 2010!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our Crazy December

It seems like once Thanksgiving is over our lives become crazy. December is the craziest month all year long for us. It's also the funnest. We celebrate six birthdays this month, not to mention CHRISTMAS!!!!!! We started the month out by going to the towns annual Lighting Ceremony. Where they light up the big tree on main street. It was really fun this year because Zachary sang. The girls were excited too. They got to see Santa. It was really interesting because when we would ask Zoe if she was going to sit on Santa's lap she would say yes. And when we asked her what she was going to ask Santa for she would say a Barbie! Well by the time we made it to Santa she had changed her mind, and when we sat her and Keira on his lap they looked at each other and started to scream, and that is when Ann took the picture! Can't wait to see that one! On the whole it was a fun night. (also Aunt Traci's Birthday)

Then on December 2nd is Zachary's Birthday! I cannot believe my little boy is six years old. WOW the time flew by. He was so excited to have a Star Wars party this year. Jared made light sabers out of PVC pipe that the kids got to paint. We always do a family party with lunch and this year we did chicken and rice, because Zachary loves white rice. Well we had about half an hour left of the party and he got sick. Yes that wonderful stomach flu. So no white rice for him, but he said he had fun anyway.

I think this picture of Jordan is hilarious because it looks like she is licking the paint! I told the kids to be really careful not to get paint on their clothes and they all did really well except for Jo.....and Morgan. Morgan was funny because he didn't paint anything, he just picked up Dalton's and got red paint on his "nice white t-shirt" and on his pants.

Then on December 6th we journed to St. George to Grandma Vickie's for lunch and a gingerbread house making party. Lunch was delicious as always. Jared is right Grandma you really missed you'r calling. We have never made gingerbread houses before and I have to say it was really fun, I hope we can do it every year. Zachary did his own, I helped/did Keira's and Jared helped/did Zoe. Jared surprised me because Zoe's actually turned out really cute and girly!

Keira's has a lot of candy. Yeah I got carried away. She was eating it as fast as I could get it put on.
Zachary's is my favorite because he says it is not a gingerbread house it is a summer retreat, because it has a fish pond in the front yard. What a hoot that kid is!

Zoe's has a self portrait (per Jared) on the roof. Now you see where Zac gets his sense of humor.

Monday, November 30, 2009

We Gobbled 'till we Wobbled!!!

Thanksgiving was fun this year. We went to Mom's house with Brother Jared and his family. Mom made tons of good food as always. The kids had fun playing together. Especially the boys with Morgan's play station. I even played guitar hero and Jordan informed me that I sucked really bad!! The kids played play station. The girls made a mess of Grandma's books and the adults watched a movie and let all that food settle.
Keira was so tired before dinner she had to have a little snooze.

Yummy, yummy for your tummy Jared and Morgan.

Family feast. Mom gave little goodie bags to everyone. The kids loved these. I loved the chocolate in mine!

Giggly girlies. Jordan and Zoe.

The girls did really good this year. They can pretty much feed themselves now. The both like turkey. And Zoe really liked the salad Jordan helped her mom make.

Zachary had his usual roll, cheese, cucumber and mashed potatoes with no gravy. One day I'm sure he'll decide to try some turkey.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


The Reading Mother
You may have tangible wealth untold: caskets of jewels and coffers of gold.
But richer than you can never be, for I had a mother who read to me.This month I've been thinking of all the things I'm thankful for.
Of course I'm thankful for my family and friends, good health, community, etc.
But one thing that has really stood out was my Mom.
There are a million reasons I'm thankful for her, but one is she read
to me when I was little, and I believe as a result I've read to my kids.
And I love the fact that they love books!
Zachary has always loved books. I would read to him every nap time and
every bed time. I haven't been that fortunate with the girls.
However they absolutely love books. Anytime anyone comes
to visit they start dragging out their books, and if you read
them one you read them all.
Mom is the librarian at the elementary school, and I've never met
someone so perfect for their job. Everywhere we go we hear
Miss Lorie, Miss Lorie. I love it.
So this Thanksgiving I'm so very thankful to my Mom
and her love of books.
Love you Mom

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Some of my Favorites!!!

So I was sitting here thinking I should post something new, but I wasn't sure what. Then I got thinking how fast this year flew by. So here are some of my favorite pictures from this year.

This is Keira and Zachary saying cheese for me.

Zachary was growing some carrots from pre-school in a laundry detergent scoop. They sat in the kitchen window forever, and I finally planted them in the flower bed out front and forgot about them. They grew for a really long time and I figured they weren't producing any carrots because I waited so long. Finally one day we pulled them up and there was about six really good sized carrots! Go figure. Any way Zac was pretty excited.

I was going to send this picture to luvs! "we love our Luvs!" The girls were pretty excited to get this huge box of diapers from the UPS guy. Man do we luv diapers.com!

We went to Aunt Traci's for a water day, and Jordan got the ice cream and popcicles out. All I can say is Keira and Zoe were her best, best friends.

They have the Cheese part down.

I'm afraid Zoe has the mis-conception that everybody has two babies because her mommy has two babies! More often than not she has one under each arm and heaven forbid we leave home without a baby!

I love this picture of Zachary. He's my little book worm.