Thursday, September 30, 2010

Enjoying Every Moment!

Well it happened again. I had another Birthday. Yep the big 31!!!! But I'm not as old as my Brother:) In fact he can't remember how old he is. He kept telling us he was 35 where in fact he is only 34:0 I love it. Any way. I woke up and was an emotional mess. Not because I was a year older, but because this will probably be the last Birthday party I have where my Dad is here. But It was the most perfect day ever!!!! He felt so good and everyone made it to our house for dinner. Which Jared made. It was perfect. Also on Saturday my Dad's amazing friends put together a fund raiser for my Dad. We are completely touch by the results! We truly live in an amazing place with generous people. It was such a neat thing. They did a ride that morning and then a dinner and auction that evening. I still can't believe how many people came and how many people just love my Dad. It was so serene and special. We are so very thankful for everyone's love and support. It's hard to really put it into words. Thank you doesn't seem good enough. But still thank you to everyone who came and participated and who just donated time and money. It makes this burden much lighter. I didn't get any pictures but I'm hoping we can get our hands on some somewhere.

We were sooooo excited to have Morgans girlfriend Kierra here for the entire weekend. It made it that much better. We just adore her. Poor Morgan has to share her with everyone:) They make a very cute couple!

Master Chef Jared!!! I LOVE HIM:) He cooked a turkey. I will not put my hand up a turkey's butt, I'd rather starve;) One of the many reasons I love him and married him.

We've been living every moment like it's Dad's last. Hopefully he'll prove us all wrong. But I've noticed I've enjoyed things a lot more. Simple things, like watching the kids watch t.v or just playing.

Grandma Vickie bought us the new Tinkerbell movie. We've watch it a gazillion times already and still love it. Zoe was glued to it. She moved when I got up to get the camera so I made her pose again. Still she's just cute!!

I try to go for a walk every morning. Sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn't. But I enjoy it and so do the girls. They are really good motivation. Plus I don't think I mentioned we have a new stroller, and it is absolute heaven. Life is so much better and easier with good quality products. (I also got a new vacuum) I know I'm spoiled :)

The girls are very creative in their outfits when they wake up. Keira says this is not a Santa hat but her Christmas hat!!! Whatever, I know not to argue.

Zoe is getting good use out of her snow boots. I hope she doesn't wear them out before winter!
She has a bit of a shoe fetish.
I also helped my Aunt Mannie with Kelsey's baby shower. It turned out so cute and fun. She's having a girl and she got so many cute little girlie things. We can't wait to see her cute little baby. We're so excited for her and Tyrell.

We played the most hilarious game. You melt candy bars in diapers then you have to guess the "poop" It was a big hit. Some of them are very real looking.

My dad wants to go camping at the ranch this weekend. We are really excited. We haven't done this since I was pregnant with Zachary. Hopefully he still feels good enough and the weather stays nice. I'm sure I'll have tons of pictures:)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Family Fun

This last Saturday Jared and Zachary decided to hike up to the "V". That's them off to the left of the rock. Zachary didn't want to climb up on top this time, he said it was too windy. They were gone for three hours!

The girls felt left out because they didn't get to go on the mountain. So after the kids had a nap we took everyone to white sands. I forgot how fun it is there. The kids had fun too.

The girls said it was a big fun sand box:)

Zachary was king of the mountain!

When my brother and I were little my Aunt Sherrie took a picture of us doing snow angels in the sand. The picture was always on a little table in my Mom's bedroom. I was trying to duplicate it but Keira was not very co-operative!

Jared and I were not paying attention and Keira got a little too high. It was funny watching her slide back down.

I carved the kids names into the rock! They thought that was pretty neat.

The girls were very concerned that my feet were buried. It was fun watching them trying to get me out. They were very persistent.

Then on Sunday Zachary helped Jared paint the picnic tables. It took most of the day but he helped do all of them.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


This summer my kids have loved having "slushie parties" Zoe calls them smushies!
The other night they were begging for me to make them a smush (we haven't done them in a couple of weeks) so I said o.k. However it was colder and it was harder to finish them. I guess they are a hot weather kind-of treat:)

Don't you just love Zoe's headband! It's actually the handle to one of the buckets out of the sand box:) Very creative little girl I've got there.

Keira always wants blueberry! And then she'll go around and sample everyone's flavors.

No complaints here!

Jared missed most of our slushie parties this summer because he was gone so much! In fact the kids think we can only have them when Grandpa, Grandma and Morgan are here.
Oh summer I'm gonna miss you........

Thursday, September 2, 2010

She gets that from Me

It's funny when your kids are born you immediately start looking for yourself in them.
Well Jared is a morning person and so is Zachary and Keira. I am not and bless Zoe she isn't either! She'll stay up all night and sleep all day just like her Mama. She's sure cute in the morning:) Now if only they would have the good things from me. Some of the things they do could have skipped this generation and I would be just happy with that. But they didn't so I will continue to battle mini me's!

Also because time is ticking with my Dad we decided to get together for a family picture. All thirteen of us! Can you say crazy?

They actually turned out really good. And as I predicted it was Zoe that was not co-operative! Little FART!!!!
L-R Traci, Jared, Tyler, Morgan, My Jared, Me
L-R Mom, Zoe, Keira, Dad
L-R Dalton, Zachary, Jordan

And I'm positive someone pinched me in this picture, I'm just not sure which one did!
Don't they just look too innocent. BROTHERS!!! I love 'em;)

These just speak for themselves. The first one Zachary is just about to get slugged by Jordan. (he deserved it) and the second one shows Keira in all her spunkie glory! Oh well.

This was hard for my parents. We appreciate them doing this. My brothers and I needed it. So does my Mom, she just won't admit it!

It was my parents thirty-fifth wedding anniversary that day. So it made it very emotionally difficult. Mom did really well until we were done, then she broke down. It's hard to celebrate when you know it very well could be the last one together. She's been so strong through all of this and were so lucky to have her and my Dad. We are who we are because of them.

I think Keira's fingers are in her mouth in almost all of the pictures.
But I was happy with them.

Jared's silly family.

And last but not least my favorite picture of the day. Keira reading to Grandpa. Can you see how content they both are. PRICELESS.........