Wednesday, January 25, 2012


My baby girls are four today!!! I can not believe it has been four years, where has the time gone. I don't have babies anymore I have little girls. They are so much fun and such a blessing to our family. It took a lot for us to have these little girls. Fertility treatments and a struggle when they were born. I'm so thankful they are happy healthy girls, and I'm so very thankful I'm alive to raise them. It was a very close call for the three of us when they were born. I always find myself reminiscing the day they were born and how scary it was. Thank goodness for blessings. Anyway we had a party for them just this past Saturday. It was a Fancy Nancy party. I was very pleased with every thing there was only one thing I wanted to do that didn't get done, but o well maybe next year!

We had yummy treats and a very delicious lunch.

Birthday Girls

It finally snowed the day of their party so Keira still has on her beautiful snow boots. They really are cute boots just not with that dress :)

My Beautiful Zoe

And her beautiful side kick KiKi ;)

Keira says she hates the Birthday song. I think she doesn't like to be the center of attention!

Zoe had no problem being the center of attention and blowing out her candles :)

And of course they got tons of adorable gifts.

Keira was almost buried under her loot ;)

Thank you everyone that came and gave them such fun things. These little sweeties are so loved by so many people.

Dad and Zac just waiting for the party to start.

These two look like they were having so much fun ;) I don't think they had been a wake very long.

Ty was so cute and sweet with his train of little girls. It was the cutest thing ever. He pulled them around for most of the party. They pulled him a little too!!!

Lots of family came.

I think my older brother has a severe addiction to Angry Birds!! We may have to get him counseling ;)

Zachary gave the girls Lego's!! They now have girl Lego's, we are so excited!!! Keira wanted him to put them together but when she couldn't find him to do it she had a bit of a breakdown until Jared informed her he could help her! And once again she was excited !!! I know pretty easy to please right :) They had a very fun party and we are looking forward to another fun year having not one but two four year olds!!! They're not twins they're doublets :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Well once again Santa found our house! The kids were very excited and I think they had a really fun day.

I can't remember what Zac was opening right here but he was way excited:)

It was kind of hard to get Zoe out of bed again this year. I guess princesses really do need their beauty sleep. But once she woke up she really got into the "spirit"

Keira was in messy heaven. Lots of books and coloring things!

After we opened presents at our house we went to Jared and Traci's for our traditional Christmas morning breakfast of homemade doughnut holes and egg casserole. I found a new recipe I think will be added to the yearly menu :) It was so yummy!!!!

Morgan gave the girls these adorable hats and scarves. He always picks the cutest things for them. He sure does love them and they just adore their "uncle Mo-gan"

Zac got a paper jam guitar and he was practicing his rock n roll moves!

I can't even remember what this conversation was about but I'm guessing something to do with body odor :) It was priceless and I think we all went around like mom smelling ourselves :) And don't worry she didn't stink!

Uncle Jared and the girls played some checkers! Over all it was a good Christmas. We really felt the sadness of Dad being gone, however we felt the comfort of the season and the gift of being together as a family. I really felt him here with us as I do most days. He promised he would check in on us! I'm so thankful for my family and the comfort I get from them when life seems more than I can bear. I hope you all had a very happy holiday!

Christmas Eve

We went to Grandma Vickie's for our annual Christmas eve dinner again this year. And again the food was wonderful as was the company. Grandma always has fun dinners, she gets out the fancy dishes and the goblets. She even has little tiny goblets for the little ones. It definitely makes good memories:)

And of course there was a visit from the big guy. He visited with each of the kids and brought them new pj's.

TrIpLe TrOuBlE!!!